Babies who are well and who do not require special medical attention can stay with their mothers at the nursery located at Our Lady, St Elizabeth and St Raphael wards. The specially trained nurses will care for the baby and a team of doctors will monitor the baby’s health each day.

“Rooming-in” helps parents to bond with their newborn babies and learn baby’s habits, likes and dislikes. More importantly, it provides a good opportunity for parents to learn how to care for the baby, so that they can tap on the vast experience of the hospital’s nurses while still in their care at the hospital.

The Nursery is most suited for babies who need regular monitoring by the medical team, and babies whose mothers may not be able to care for them (e.g. immediately after a caesarean section).


  • Bassinet
  • Attached Bathroom
  • Air-Conditioned
  • Phototherapy Unit
  • Baby Warmer
  • Resuscitation Equipment