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Continuing the ministry of our founders, Mount Alvernia Hospital strives to establish a good balance between its mission and business sustainability.

We commit ourselves to the community through year-long community outreach initiatives; providing financial and administrative support to Assisi Hospice; and annual contributions to fund the global missionary work of the FMDM in aid of the poor and marginalised.

The hospital community outreach recognizes that in order to effectively care for our patients, our staff must go beyond the hospital premises into the community. 

Since 2009, the community outreach programme has reached out to 25,000 people through health screenings, flu vaccinations and primary healthcare services conducted at community clubs, events organized by health institutions, churches and other religious organisations.

In the process, we hope to provide the latest information about health issues, how to keep well and medical services that are available today for consideration. At the same time, we aim to educate the community on general healthcare and to assist with referrals for services if needed.

This hospital-wide initiative is supported by 90% of our staff.